Ways To Make The Best of The Worst

One positive outlook I have on the coronavirus is it allows the whole world to take a pause from the hustle culture that surrounds us daily to give ourselves time to reflect, rest, to do the things that we have desired to do, the things we enjoy and that matter most to us as well as to spend time with our loved ones. I feel that God did allow this to happen so that we can enduldge in what life is too about, being in the moment. Here are a few ideas of ways you can go about making the quarantining enjoyable.


Learn new dances

There are many dances on Tik Tok I have desperately wanted to learn. Gets your heart pumping and makes you feel good. It is also beneficial for the next time you go out onto the dance floor. 

Start a blog or YouTube channel

What better time than now to put things in motion. A time for creative exploration. You have to start somewhere. If your scared then do it. I know a lot of us dream and never have the motivation to do that actual thing we have always dreamed about doing. Don’t be that person. Little do some of you know, all I used to do was make YouTube videos so I am always free to help you with both. Don’t be afraid to reach out.


Just like a movie it has you escape from reality. You can’t spend all day watching the screen. Reading makes you relaxed and is educational. I always enjoy developing new vocabulary. I have notes off many fancy words on phone. Maybe you can start keeping a list too.

Play a gaming system

I have a Wii and Xbox I haven’t touched in ages that I am getting eager to play. It isn’t the time to feel guilty in fact you shouldn’t feel guilty for having fun.

Watch shows you haven’t gotten to watch

There are many movies and series out there that I have not yet watched that many people buzz about. I don’t think I have watched more netflix in my whole life than I have been watching for the past week.

Go for a walk or hike

Get your legs in motion by walking your dog. They love it just as more. A hike would be amazing if I had mountains where I lived so if you have mountains take full advantage of it. I listen to a podcast, a meditation, or nothing at all to fully absorb God’s creations.

Ranger or bicycle

We have a Polaris and if you don’t have that I’m sure you have a bicycle. These two things give off so many great vibes!!

Play with dogs

Dogs never fail to cheer you up. Gets you outside again and away from screens.

Dress pretty and take pictures

If you ever get tired of wearing no makeup and comfortable clothes all day, get even prettier than you were before and get your Instagram pictures taken. If you don’t have anyone to take photos for you or if you just want to do it yourself get the photo timer+ app. It is what I use a majority of the time.

Spring Clean

I have already organized my closet for spring although there are still drawers that I am wanting to clean out. Turn on your favorite tunes or a podcast and get busy.

Cook or bake for family or yourself

My parents have worked everyday of the week while I have of course stayed at home all day so it just makes since for me to make it easy on them by me providing them will a cooked dinner. If it is just you certainly treat yourself with a well cooked meal.

Get on your knees and pray

Just like Mike Pence stated “spend more time on your knees than on the internet”. This probably the best thing I have heard all week. We undoubtedly need to be doing a lot more of this.

Self care

Last but not least. Self care is especially important now. If you are confused on what self care consists of I have a few posts all about the idea. I would also like mention creating a routine for yourself and even a few resolutions for this time period. I can tell you all about my routine if you would all like to hear about it on Go With Grace just simply let me know.


Enjoy your time at home. I pray for all of you every single day. If you ever need someone to speak to I am here and always will be. Reach out to me preferably through Instagram @gowithgraceblog. Take care and God bless!

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