Ways To Feel Motivated


Today I will be talking to you about how to get out of that slump of not wanting to do anything. I know all of us have those times where we don’t feel like doing a thing and that’s okay, however there are times in the day when we have to do certain things so here are a few easy ways that help me get to feeling motivated. I hope that this helps!


Begin with a good morning

Starting the day off right does far more than you may think. I like to wake up at a decent time and when I set an alarm I try to only set it for one time instead of hitting the snooze every ten minutes. Hitting that snooze already sets a lazy tone. So getting up with just one sound makes me already feel accomplished and feeling motivated to accomplish more things. Also having that first task in the morning of making my bed really gets me going. After that have the morning to yourself with no phone and tv. Maybe a good breakfast and time with God instead of the toxic phone that will lead you down a dark hole of being lazy.

Get your heart racing

This doesn’t just mean to workout. You can do many things to get your body moving, rather that be cleaning around the house, dancing to a song, riding your bike or the William Huff Method App ¬†which is a breathing exercise. Getting your whole body moving gives you a lot of adrenaline. Everyday I have to get up and move. I can’t just sit at my computer for 7 hours doing work.

Make what you’re doing enjoyable

Whatever it is you’re doing make it fun. Go somewhere else to do work, play good music, eat something, call up a friend for company, light a fire or a candle for more good vibes.

Make a playlist of hype songs

When I need an instant boost I play this playlist.

Listen to an Ed Mylett or School of Greatness Podcast

These two are phenomenal. They make me want to work harder. Both of these guys are extremely successful at what they do and are full of such great advice that I have used in the recent year.

Start an Inspiration board

Now this will really get you going if nothing else does. I have a board hanging on my bedroom wall over my dresser that I can see and look at all the time. It reminds me what I’m working for and why I’m doing what I’m doing. It is full of how I want my future to look and motivational quotes.

Here is the post I did about the board.

Have a reward

Lastly, just like when you were little. Treat yourself to something. Tell yourself that you can have ice cream when you finish or can go be with loved ones.

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