Simple Ways To Being Happier Everyday

It is important that we awake each morning with gratefulness and happiness for the day in which God has created for us. I have people ask me all the time why I’m always so happy. I would consider myself happy and positive most of the time. Although we are all human and we all have moments where we find ourselves feeling under the weather I feel there is good in everyday.  I’m a firm believer in turning the worst day into the best day ever. YOU have the power to turn your life around at any given moment.  With that said here are the ways that I keep my spirits up.


Address What You Are Feeling

For starters, you first really have to address what kind of mood you are in and why you are in that mood. Know yourself and what you need.

Remove What Is Bothering You

If there is something bothering you I would highly suggest to look deeply at whatever it is and come up with options to turn it around. Maybe by forgiving someone or saying that you are sorry. I can see that is a problem with a lot of people these days. As I like to say, if it costs your peace it’s too expensive. I would like to address that there are some instances we cannot fix so that’s when you just have to remember there is good in every situation and a reason. The Lord is in control of your life so all you have to do is trust in his plan.  Your experiences are your own and you can use them to improve on the situation next time it arises. 

Laugh It Out

It is good to laugh everyday. If you haven’t had a laugh go on Tik Tok or even Facebook to find funny videos. That’s where I always seem to find the funniest ones.

Get Some Fresh Air

Go outside and get some fresh air. If you have dogs play with them and talk to them about your feelings. Another way to get things out besides writing in your journal.

Clean The Space

Clean your space. Straighten up and get all organized. It seems to do the trick with a feeling of being renewed. 

Do a Few Things and Relax

Get things out of the way so that you can just relax or maybe just say no to whatever you’re going to do if it isn’t necessary of course and again relax. I know it is hard for most of us to including me, but please just sit down read or watch your favorite Hallmark movie or Disney movie to clear your head.

Put on Lipstick and Attack

You might be feeling gross and ugly. Put on your favorite playlist or some relaxing music, make your room dark and turn on your salt lamp or any kind of light you have, and take a hot shower. After that do a little bit of makeup, put on your favorite clothes, maybe curl your hair for tomorrow or present day.

Stay Around Gooood People

Be around good people. The kind of people that make you forget to check your phone. I will give you these three simple questions that Ed Mylett gave me: Do the people around me believe in me? Are they a past or future reference type friend? Is this person an energy drainer or giver? If these are negative answers I would try to distance myself.

Be near Jesus

Staying close with Jesus. His light will shine upon you. He is our creature and is the best to go to. I know this can be difficult at first. Try listening to views from The Porch and Sadie Robertson’s WHOA That’s Good podcast.  Even listening to traditional Christian music, reading the bible or getting on your knees and praying.  Talk to God throughout the day and praying at least once a day.

Spread Kindness

Just by giving a small compliment or a smile to a stranger can do a big difference.  Try helping someone who is struggling. I can go on for hours of things that you can do to not only make you feel good about yourself but also the person you are helping.

Make Things Enjoyable

There are things throughout the day that we would rather not do so try to make whatever that you are doing enjoyable by listening to your favorite playlist, or podcast, or get yourself  some kind of treat like a drink from Starbucks.

Stay Away From News

Watch happy shows like I said above a Hallmark or a Disney movie. Just no toxic news. I am someone who has always LOVED the news so I know you can stay away too. If you need to hear about it, it will be on your phone. I still watch my favorite news stations NBC5 or The Today Show, but just not everyday like I used to. Two times seem to keep me informed.

Remove All Negativity

No sad music only happy. I can’t stand depressing music. Goes along with any kind of negative thing. No negative surroundings are allowed. 

Have a Plan

Have a daily routine and have a plan for your day.

Say Your Affirmations

These are positive sentences you say to yourself everyday as you start your day. For example; I will accomplish great things today, today is a great day.


One last thing is that I like to meditate as soon as I wake up or really anytime during the day when I just want to clear my head.


Before I go, here are a few of my favorite quotes that have to do with this post.

Find joy in the ordinary.

Find a vacation everyday, even if it is walking outside and feeling the grass between your toes.

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.

You often feel tired, not because you’ve done too much, but because you’ve done too little of what sparks a light in you.


Thank you beyond words for visiting with me today. I hope you take these practices into your week and have the happiest of time!!

xoxo Morgan Grace


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