Top of The List Snacks During Quarantine


I and my mom have listed out what we most often get at the store. Reason being we can really only go to the grocery store as of now and felt that it was the right thing to to post for what is taking place, most of us being home wanting snack foods. I hope that you find something new. If you do then please tag me in your Instagram story to let me know that you did. I would like to hear what you think.


Morgan’s List

Blue Bell Cookies and Cream 

This has to get placed at the top of the list. Everyone that knows me knows that I have an obsession over ice cream. The flavor cookies and cream is an original dating all the way back from age 5. It is never missing from the freezer. If it is we’re in trouble.

HEB Brand Red Velvet Cheesecake

This one has easily become my favorite since shopping at HEB. I will have the two flavors together, sometimes even my dad’s chocolate peanut butter as well or whatever new flavor I find that week lol. The cookies and cream, cheesecake, chocolate have are my flavors currently. I always be sure to announce the new flavors when I get them. You can call me the ice cream queen. 

Chobani Slip Yogurt

This is what I have in substitute of ice cream. This gal cannot stay away from the dairy. Now it sounds like I just have this or ice cream every night so let me throw it out there and now that I don’t. I have my limits. My favorite Chobani flavors include key lime, apple crisp, chocolate chip cookie dough, coffee brownie bliss, cookies and cream, peach cobbler, s’mores, cheesecake, and strawberry shortcake. Let’s say all of them!!

Yoplait Light 

This is also what I like to call dessert or breakfast. I have either key lime or strawberry. Just as good!

Brownie Brittle

If you are looking for something sweet this is the snack. It taste just like your regular brownie without having to feel horrible for eating one. The brittle is only 120 calories. I personally prefer the sea salt caramel.


RXBar is a trust worthy protein bar unlike the other ones out there that are basically like eating cake. They are what I like to think the most healthiest and quality tasting. It’s very low in sugar, gluten free, protein is 12g. You would be surprised by how good they actually are. I wouldn’t suggest if you have braces because they are chewy and a little sticky. I have tried a few and the one I always get is the chocolate sea salt caramel.


Oranges are currently my favorite fruit. Although now that it’s spring I should probably start getting peaches or strawberries. Fruit is my candy.

HEB Fresh Tortillas

I am truly sorry if you don’t have an HEB but if you do these are a must overtime you walk in the door. The tortillas might be better than Pappasito’s, there I said it. They melt in your mouth. It is an undescribable taste that fills your mouth!

Ham Rolls

All you need is ham, cream cheese, and pickles. You would be surprised by how good these are. When I eat them a huge smile comes across my face. It is that kind of good. I’m only a big fan of the cream cheese obviously who could have guessed, but the three together is amazing.


I will make a cheese board every now and then. I’m not quite the expert with the decorating and all the cheeses yet, but I’m getting there with the help of my mom who knows all the cheeses and Cheese By Numbers on Instagram. I always have to have brie, gouda, havarti, and the essentials prosciutto and central market crackers whatever sounds good at the time with some kind of seasoning.


My mom wanted me to include her and I thought it was a fantastic idea since she is the snack queen. I can’t say much about the things especially the top two items so I will just list.

Mom’s List

Cheetos Puffs

Central Market Carmel Corn 

Rice a Roni 

Lemon Bars

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