Shows You Might Be Missing Out On

What a happy Friday it is! Today’s post features all of the shows I watch currently and have watched throughout the most recent years. I fancy hearing about what others enjoy watching. Who doesn’t love discovering new shows! If you can, have a nice Friday night in or maybe just a relaxing sort of weekend watching a few of these and tell me what you think. The shows are listed from most to least favorite. Well wishes for the weekend to come. I love you all!! – xx Morgan Grace



Gossip Girl

It comes to no surprise that Gossip Girl comes first on the list. Has been my go to show since last year. There is an endless amount of drama soapy drama happening. The show is based off the upper east side of Manhattan which only makes it that much better.



Heart of Dixie

This was last year’s Gossip Girl. It is about a New Yorker who moves to a small town called Blue Bell, Alabama. It is not just about her new way of life in Alabama, but about the whole town. It is such a sweet show full of plenty of laughter, drama, and love all at the same time.