Online School Routine 2020

A lot of you who are around my age have started school rather that be online or in person. Today I will share what my mornings and nights are starting to look like in addition to why I have chosen to do school online.

Let me first update you on my reason behind taking online classes.

I went to school for the first week. Before going back I was completely against the idea of going virtual. I wanted to get back to the normal routine and with my beliefs I certainly do believe that all of us should be back in school because that’s how life is supposed to be. It took me being at school for me to think, maybe doing school from home is something that I would like to do. Just knowing that I don’t have to be at school and could be at home or wherever I have a good internet connection to do my school work. I was doing the same thing at school as I am doing at home except I don’t have to get up every morning, get dressed, and be at the school at a certain time, I’m also not having to sit in class thinking I could be doing so much more at home. School really wasn’t same. A lot less people and something about it wasn’t normal. I normally really like school, but since going back everyday I was looking forward to getting out of there. I already feel so much better and happier being at home and that’s all that matters. I have to say that there are countless pros about being home, even though this is not what I pictured for my senior year. I have been praying that all of us will get back together towards at least the end of the school year. What makes it all so hard is how unpredictable it all is. Monday possibly could have been my last day of going to actual high school. I just have to continue to have a positive mind set that it will all be okay. I am going to continue to make the best of it.

I value starting and ending the day right. I like to wake up and go to bed as happy as possible, even though life happens. This routine is mainly for the days that I am home doing school not else where, for example, my grandparents. Even when I’m at home, some days I might sleep a little later or I might have something else going on which is totally okay, so don’t think I do this exact schedule all the time. This is only a guide.

6:30-7 Wake Up

Immediately drink water then turn on my lamps, light a candle, make my bed, and play soft music. i will play jazz, hymns, or spa music. After I get all the good vibes I go feed the lambs and the dogs then I comeback inside and have my breakfast. I then begin my quiet time with God or go outside and work one of my lambs.

7:30 Work lambs/Quiet Time

Every other morning I work with a lamb and the other mornings I go through devotion. On mornings that I don’t have that quiet time I will listen to a sermon or a christian podcast while I work lamb. I like to listen to Robert Morris the most. I work on showmanship and/or put a lamb on the treadmill. When it’s not a day to work I start by reading Jesus Calling. I go to that days date and read a little paragraph. I then read a chapter in my study bible, write about it and to finish I get on my knees and pray. After that is done I simply meditate from my Alexa or I might also do the William Huff method to get me motivated. Once that’s done I visualize my day by first writing down the date and podcast vibe, then 3 things I am grateful for, 3 things that I have to get done that day, 3 random people to send happiness to, and lastly a very specific to do list. To end the morning and start my day I recite my affirmations. I should note that the mornings I’m outside with lambs I still try to fit in the meditation and everything that comes after that. I also will try to have the devotion when I have the time. If I do it’s at night.

8:30 Start School

This is when I get on Google Meet. My first period is English. I am on Google Meet basically the whole day. The only time I’m not on is for a few hours in the middle of the day.

3:10 P.M. Turn Off School

School is finished. I don’t have much to say for this time. I will finish up some things I began working on that day or do any assignments.

7 P.M. Run Lambs

At this time I work more with the lambs. I will work the ones that I didn’t work with in the morning on showmanship and every other night we will run the two biggest lambs that are the most ready for a show.

8:30 P.M. Come Inside

I come back inside and immediately take a shower. I do all the self care things. That can be a whole other routine.

8:30 P.M. Lay Down

I finally lay down. I watch YouTube, Netflix, or actual TV that kind of thing or I might just be a good girl and do a devotion or read my book that I’m currently reading, The God I Never Knew.

That is my school night and morning routine. Thank you for being so incredibly patient with me as I took a small break. If you have any questions about this post please ask me down below or shoot me a DM on Instagram @themorgangracee. For everyone in school, I hope that you have the best year possible!! Let’s make the best of it!!

xoxoxo –

Morgan Grace

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