My Favorite Creators on TikTok

With a lot of us being at home more often needing some sort of entertainment it comes to no surprise that TikTok has become all the rage. Today I will be sharing my most favorite creators on the platform ranging from funny to inspirational. Thought that this would be a post that everyone would like. Can never go wrong with discussing the topic, Tik Tok.



I do approve of this page being the funniest. Kale Salad always gives you that giggle that you need. Therefor, if you aren’t following this page you are truly missing out.


Females has relatable content for all girls. I don’t know about you, but relatable content makes me feel so much better about myself because it reminds me that I’m not alone and as crazy as I thought I was. Can also be pretty hilarious.

Influencers gone wild is another relatable page since I am obviously an influencer and take photos regularly so it is fun to see other influencers doing the same thing, although some are a little extreme.

If you can’t tell I love to laugh. Magnus is a yellow lab so he reminds me of Hoss and also Sissy, besides labs are my favorite. There are so many videos of Magnus acting human and they are the most adorable and funny videos.

Same with Tatum. A majority of his videos are his own sound, his owner talks in the videos in a Tatum voice. There’s not one video that hasn’t made me smile.

If you LOVE food this one is for you. It’s all about the food with the Brunch Boys. I have to be careful because it does make me super hungry more than I already am.

I remember watching her and her grandson on YouTube and now she has a TikTok page. She is one spunky and hysterical grandma. You all know how I love the elders.

Oh my gosh where do I start with Josh.  I mostly like him for his Mama Penny IYKYK.

Logan is my favorite country TikTokers. He was actually the first person I followed on the app and he always nails it with all of his videos.

Mallory is an angel. She has autism and never fails to brighten my day. Her and Steven are truly the sweetest couple and a great example of how relationships should be.

Derek has autism as well and the things he says are always hysterical. He has at least 3 videos each day so I get plenty of laughs from him.

Gary Vee has been killing it on the Tok lately. All his videos are very motivational and inspirational. A lot of advice and wisdom. I have learned so much from him.

My gal Brooke has been posting a lot of fire content. She is one of the three people I watch regularly on YouTube. She also just moved to New York so she is starting to post a lot of NYC content which I am super excited about.

Danielle Carolan is another girl that I watch on YouTube. Her and Brooke have a podcast together called Gals On The Go, which is my number one favorite podcast. Danielle posts a lot of dancing videos which are really cool to watch. I like to think that we are very similar.

I call this another inspirational page. Reminds me why I’m working so hard and what I am working towards. Plus I have always enjoyed looking at houses.

I just followed Jessica. I’m wanting to get back into manifestation and she has a lot of that content so I will be learning from her.

ESM Creative does the same thing as me. She has a lot of  drawing videos so I find it fun watching her. Very satisfying and i get a lot of ideas from her too.

This is my favorite republican type page. I agree with absolutely everything this guy says about politics. He brings up so many good points that I sometimes never think about. If you’re a republican you will love this guy and even if you’re not or not sure still listen to him.

Some of you might not know this about me, but this is my favorite sport or really the only sport I like watching. I am wanting to learn and get more into Nascar. They have excellent videos to watch all the time.

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