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Greetings my special readers! I have transferred my playlists from Apple music to Spotify for all of you to see. I’m overjoyed for you all to see what I listen to on a daily basis.

I have my on brand playlist which consists of all the songs that are currently my favorite, are special, and obviously most like me. My rise and shine playlist includes many of the greatest songs to start your day that makes you feel on cloud nine and most of all empowered. I cannot express enough how much I love Texas Country. If you haven’t gave the genre a listen I strongly suggest you do. It is real country. As you can or will tell I have a Nashville playlist that really just means fake country which is mostly just pop. The white girl hype involves all of the popular songs that we all love. Then the bangers that I rarely listen to but still like to have. I have included all my favorite songs from church over many years. I couldn’t finish without including the get it girl playlist that make me feel motivated when I am not. Helps to listen to when I’m feeling stuck.

I wish for all of you to find new music that you enjoy! Comment below what you favorite songs are currently. Thank you for visiting!! Make it a beautiful day.



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