Morgan’s Coronavirus Experience

Today I am sharing my coronavirus experience for those who have been interestred in my story. I and my parents had it. There wasn’t any extreme sickness. We all feel extremely blessed that we didn’t end up in the hospital. The worst part of it all frankly was having to stay away from other people and staying home. I am going to write my experience like I do in my journal.

To begin, my father picked it up from his work. He only got truly sick for about a day. He had his own two rooms and a bathroom. We only saw him to hand him things or when he would come out to go to bathroom. All started on a Sunday. I was at my grandparents and ended up leaving when we heard that dad just might have it. Even though he was at the deer lease I still slept on his side of the bed a few nights so it was possible that I contracted it. Was best to play it safe and stay away from my grandparents who are at risk. I and my mom didn’t start to experience symptoms till a week later. That Saturday us both went to get immediate testing. Both tests came back positive. Then we went ahead and took the saliva test that would take a few days to hear back. The test that takes the longest is the most accurate because my mom ended up receiving a positive. We just knew for sure we had it that day or at least her because her head was hurting and she had a sore throat. I only thought I had it because I didn’t feel myself and felt weak the day before. I also thought I was having a hard time breathing but i have asthma so that’s normal and also might have been only the thought because once you have someone in your house that has it, everything that happens to you, you think that’s the virus. That following Monday I felt worse. That night my throat was hurting then when I laid down my head started to feel super heavy. I felt a lot of pressure. My whole body was numb. I didn’t sleep for most of the night but as soon as I took vitamins I slept for a solid 3 hours until I had to wake up. Once I did wake up it was like nothing happened. The next day when my mom received a positive my parents knew I had it.  I of course refused to say I didn’t have it because who wants it especially during Christmas. The only thing I was worried about was having to be stuck at home. The only time I had a little bit of a temperature was early that Tuesday morning and I felt normal after that. The rest of the time I was tired, had a sore throat, lost my taste for I think a night and lost my smell for a few days. There was also this odd feeling in my body that’s hard to explain that left just a few days ago. All three of us experienced the same symptoms. I took the test that next day and didn’t get a positive till I think the day before Christmas Eve. My 10 days since I experienced symptoms was up on Christmas Eve. There were already things that weren’t going to be normal about this Christmas so then it was even more different. What made it even more different was not going to my Mimi and Papa’s for Christmas Eve. I and my mom were both in tears, not to whine, that’s just how it was. Never would we have thought we would have to miss all of the family Christmas’s. It was still a special Christmas. We made the best of it because that’s all we could do. It is truly depend on who you are. The three of us were already healthy and never get sick so I’m not surprised by how mundane our symptoms were.

Thank you for reading & stay healthy my friends!


Morgan Grace

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