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Welcome to this section of Go With Grace, Sunday Notes. This is where I post my notes from church. I figured why not share the good word to all my readers. The good points to sermons that I want as many people I can to read. To view the actual sermons that I have noted, here are the links:


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9/7 Redeemer – Lubbock

Heaven & Hell


Right behavior and belief – Heaven

Wrong behavior and belief – Hell

EX The Good Place

Wrong- Bible doesn’t say that, you centered, 

In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth – Genesis 1:1

Where is started Heaven on earth. 

Adam and Eve sin build their own kingdom 

Leaving God is death. Where bad things happen. Desire to build own kingdom. Humanity creates hell on earth. 

When Jesus begins ministry 

Now after John arrested, Jesus came into Galilee, proclaimed the gospel of God – Mark 1

The kingdom where all things are while it is here repent and believe the good news. I am invading this world with the kingdom of God. Creating heaven on earth. Begins to heal and cast out demons. Reverse effects on earth. Doesn’t try to build own kingdom. Lives under obedience of God. Died so we didn’t have to.

Revelation 21:1-4 & 22:1-5

Live more like God has created us to be not how we are chosen to be. Participate in bringing heaven down to earth.


3/29 Smithfield UMC – North Richland Hills

Jesus Promises The Holy Spirit 

Reading from John 14:15-31

God is always with us even when we don’t realize it.

No matter where you are God is beside, before, and with you.

Seeing god in the simple, ordinary, in every circumstance and everyone.

May the eyes of our hearts be enlightened.

May we see god absolutely everywhere. 

While scuba diving the mask wouldn’t stop from fogging up because forgot tube. Same with not being able to see without God.

Seeing is the first step.

Appeared a wall that was changing color. Millions of sheets in different colors.  

It was just paper stacked on one another but it was more than that just like in nature, music, great preaching. It is seeing through God’s eyes and what he has created.

We and everything is all infused with the holy spirit.

He sustains, enriches, and empowers us.

Emanuel, God with you.

God is with you at this very moment. 

With every single breathe, everyday 

You are experiencing the very presence of god right now.

Just open your heart and you will experience.

God has not and will not ever abandoned us.

He will be with us FOREVER.

God is for us and god is with us.

We don’t have to experience this crisis alone.

Looking at starts, stopping to hear children laugh, and taking time to smell the roses are all examples of experiencing the Holy Spirit.

Remember he is right there with you right now, tomorrow, and forever.

Watch god turn social distance into spiritual closeness.

God is good, alive, and in control.


6/16 Smithfield UMC – North Richland Hills, TX

Faith is active, not passive.

Don’t go with the flow.

Remove all danger in following Christ.

Church underground and regulated. Made bland, harmless, and boring.

We can do all things through his power and strength to make the church alive.

Smithfield raised money and brought Latvia the church they have been supporting here to Texas. This was a once in a lifetime for them. Could truly see Jesus at work. They went to many places which included where my PaPa goes to do his service, Aldersgate Enrichment Center. It’s mission is to establish and maintain a family-oriented Christian community that provides opportunity in ALL aspects of life for adults with special needs. When you walk in it is a bright ray of Jesus. They are all the perfect example of how God wants us to be. They don’t act as though they don’t have a future or God isn’t good enough. They are building a foundation. Have many new projects. They only keep building. God wants us to dream big things and be active. – Build God’s kingdom as it is in heaven.

Ways to Strengthen Your Faith

  • Celebrate the lavish gift of grace.

Win lottery tell everyone. What’s more exciting than the abundance of life. Angles have a party in heaven when we accept love. Our purpose is to love one another how God has loved us and serve him. Create the heaven on earth.

  • Show faith.

Faith is what we do not what we feel. Cheer up, be happy to the homeless. Faith produces compassion. Will do anything for you to stop hurting. Lots of voices crying. Compassion is shown on the cross.

  • Share faith with others.

come with joy. Get plugged into serving God. Jesus calls to love like he did and is. Who have you cared for enough to tell the good news?

I challenge you to write down six people who you know are struggling. Show how christ has touched your heart and shaped you. 88% of people with no affiliation with the church go to church if someone invites them. Less than 15% if pastor. We have work to do in building God’s Kingdom!


6/9 Trinity UMC – Arlington, TX

Birth of Early Church

Think of the last birthday you went to. Someone who was invited didn’t come..

Christ left the church, invitied holy spirit in us. When Jesus ascended into heaven the only personal manifestation was us and is us.

Mom asked me are you sure you want to go into ministry? As long as I help someone.

Find that one person to help. Meet people where they are. Not just in church.

Pastor – Church wasn’t my biggest priority. Could pick one Sunday not to go. Sports was a big part.

Church has became more distant. You see kids at baseball practice on Sunday mornings not attending church. It is sad.

Ephesians 4:11-13 – So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers,12 to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up 13 until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature,attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.


5/19 Trinity United Methodist Church – Arlington, TX

Mission Statement

Chapter 4 Philippians

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. 4:9

Having a mission statement is becoming disciples of Jesus to make a difference.

This is the bell curve. You can see here that most churches start from the launch just to focusing on themselves. Focus on the left. We want the church to continue to grow through all generations.

Ask yourself.

Where is my church on this bell curve?

Where am I?

Begin to think what does God want me to do in my life.

Trinity mission statement: Trinity United Methodist Church is a richly diverse Christian community transformed by the love of God in Jesus Christ.

– To love and glorify God in vibrant worship,
– To care about one another through education, growth and support,
– To reach out and to demonstrate God’s love to neighbor, community and beyond,
– To share Jesus’ love of healing, wholeness and service.
We are here to seek and comfort those who suffer and welcome the seekers of faith.


5/5 Smithfield United Methodist Church – North Richland Hills, TX

His ways are always better than my ways.

Accept there is a period of waiting. Sometimes we wait for months or years for our answered prayers. Those are the most difficult times, but in those we grow. Our character is tested on how we respond with faith.

Believe that the day will arise. Easter is ultimately a victory. We know the ending, that Jesus is victorious. God was at work even in the tomb and he is at work in your life in dead times. Sometimes you just want to throw up your hands in despair, then you are reminded of the resurrection. We are trying to make things happen in our own strength. We can trust God is at work even in the quiet times and dark places in the world. We have an easter too. We can arise from the hard times, because of what God has offered to us. Don’t worry about anything. Look forward to the day ahead. Easter is here in our hearts.


2/11 The Porch Podcast – Getting Off The Crazy Train

Availability – Calling, sometimes are too available, putting interest. 

Respect – Going out of your way to ask how things are going, understanding where coming from. ask waitress about any prayer requests and pray with her before food. 

Can brighten up one persons day.

Security checkpoint certain things aren’t allowed don’t allow toxic thoughts in mind. That’s a knife you need to confinscate it and remove it out of your mind. What if I won’t get married Wishing looked like someone else Why wasn’t I invited Don’t fill your mind with toxic thoughts 

Replace lies with truths

There should be nothing in life you dwell on.

Reframe with the right perspective.

Look for the goodness of god in everything.

  • I’m sick god thank you for giving me sickness to remind me of how grateful i am
  • There’s no cake maybe I don’t need that anyway
  • Put your trust in your savior 
  • Not a believer your mind has been blinded

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