How To Transform Your Home

I talked about moving out in my last post but what about those who aren’t moving out and are staying where they are? Are you tired of the way your home looks but still love it and don’t want to have to start all over again and buy a totally new home? If that’s what’s been going through your head then this is the perfect post for you. There are many ways you can make your house look brand new. Today I will be giving you my five favorite ways to spruce up your home to make you love it even more.

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Building onto your porch

I don’t know about you but it doesn’t matter what season it is I like to spend time on my porch rather if it be with my loved ones or just me in the mornings spending time with God or working in the afternoons. The porch is a good place so make it prettier and add on to it. Brazilian Wood Depot could help you with the flooring or even walls. Imagine how beautiful that would be. Adding pretty wood can transform your whole space. After adding all of the wood you can them maybe get a new girl or some kind of outdoor situation along with possibly a pool and some new plants. Just a few pots of bright flowers can do a lot.


Not only wood on the porch but wood on the house too. Possibly replacing the wood that you already have or take down your brick or whatever you have a replacing it with wood. If you have brick and it’s been a while since it was cleaned simply hire someone to clean it for you or power wash it.

Upgrade the flooring 

Carpet is becoming less and less popular so think about ripping up the carpet. The big reason why I don’t prefer carpet in every room is because carpet can easily get dirty and you can’t ever get it totally clean. Having no carpet can also make your home much bigger. I feel that it does the trick of opening up your home if that’s what you’re wanting to achieve. Not only can you put down wood flooring but there’s also tile and concrete flooring.

Paint the walls

How easy and effective is this? Well it isn’t totally easy it is a lot of work but it’s easier than most and inexpensive. brighten up your house. I like my walls to be kind of an off white or cream color. If you still have popcorn ceiling that’s an easy fix and also if you still have wallpaper take that down although now that I think about it wallpaper has made a comeback. I like the look of wallpapering one wall. Maybe in a bedroom behind the bed is what I am picturing.


Be a minimalist and take some decor down. Now this is truly the easiest and can be the most effective if you have a lot of decor. Yes, there is such thing as too much decorative objects. Having a lot of it can make your house look a little on the messy side.

New light fixtures

Buy yourself a new light rather that be a small one for by the front door or a big one for the center of the living room. There are so many cool lights to shop. I like the ones from West Elm, Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn obviously. A more affordable place would be Wayfair online or Nebraska Furniture Mart if you live near one and Lighting ETC if you’re in the DFW area. Even updating the color of the lighting would be great too. Having more of a bright tone oin the living areas and softer tones in the bedrooms.

New furniture

Last but not least a new couch. For example your dream couch from RH. Maybe a marble coffee table to go along with it, a big bed for the king and queen or a dining room table would all be a wonderful idea.


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