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Today’s post is for all of the 2022 college freshman. I will be giving my list of things that you should have in your dorm room. I am a freshman this year at Texas Tech so not too long ago I moved into my dorm and I have also lived there for three months. With that said you can trust me in telling you what to bring. If you want to know where I got things that are in my dorm, almost everything is linked on liketoknowit @themorgangrace. If something isn’t linked then please ask and I will tell you where something is from. I hope this post helps all of you who will be moving into college!


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Morgan’s dorm room



This includes mattress pad, sheets, comforter, pillow case, pillows, and blankets. A mattress pad for most dorms is a huge must. I slept a few nights without one and those nights were awful. Once I got my $30 mattress pad from Walmart I was at home again. Yes I did say Walmart. There is nothing wrong with the cheap mattress pads there. They are truly just the same as a $100 one at Bed Bath & Beyond. I brought a little too many pillows for my bed and honestly all they do is just sit at the end of my bed because it is the only place I sit so most days I don’t make it up.

Towels & washcloths

I have six towels and a couple of washcloths which is the perfect amount.


I prefer keeping my daily routine in a bag or container. It’s all right there. Makes it easy to grab in the morning and night instead of keeping everything sprawled out on the sink.

Clothes & hangers

I brought all of the clothes that I possibly could bring and I had plenty of room to store all of what I brought so I personally wouldn’t worry about bringing all of what you want to bring. I brought only summer clothes then when I came home at least a month later I brought home a majority of the clothes and brought back winter items. Keep in mind the storage I have. In my dorm there’s three big drawers under my bed and right next to it is five smaller drawers as well as a normal sized non walk in closet. I brought hangers that are on one strand and some other little closet gadgets that you can see in a picture above to hang bags too.

Laundry basket, detergent & dryer sheets

Don’t forget about washing your clothes. The washers and dryers at my school are normal washers and dryers. I use tide pods and a scent. I have a lot of clothes so I don’t have to wash my clothes as much and whenever I come home I bring my laundry or do it a boyfriend’s so I don’t have to go through the whole ordeal of waiting on available washers or dryers. The amount of them is the only problem I’ve ran into.

Computer & cords

A good computer is important now days as well as of course the cord needed to use it and all of your other devices. I just upgraded to a new MacBook with more storage and a bigger screen. Let me tell you it was worth it. Keep in mind though that your college might offer free storage. They also offer free subscription to all of Microsofts platforms.

Pictures & rug

You want your dorm to look and feel like home. I pinned fabric above my bed and I used the pins to hang pictures. At first I had sticky wallpaper with command strips sticking to it and that came falling down because the pictures were so heavy the wallpaper couldn’t hold them. Luckily a good friend helped me and gave me the idea of fabric and thumb tacks. It worked and it still does! For my wall pictures command strips worked well. You must have a rug to cover most of the floor. I can’t imagine walking on a hard and old floor barefoot all the time. A rug also makes the room extra cozy.

Bathroom cattyΒ & shower shoes

This is to take to the shower. I suggest a mesh one so it doesn’t get all gross and moldy. I got the pillow sandals to wear in the shower. I also like to bring another pair of shoes with me so I don’t have to walk back in wet shoes. A towel dress is good too because you will most likely have to walk in the hallway.


This is pens and paper. Any kind of organizers and supplies. I mainly just use my sharpie pens and my notebooks. I have tried good notes on my Ipad but I would rather have everything in writing so my notes don’t ever get lost. I also can get distracted. I brought my clear organizers for my desk too.


I am a true paper gal. My planner is where I keep important dates and due dates. I wouldn’t still be in school if it wasn’t for my planner. I use the Home Edit one from Target.

CupsΒ & Brita

I first had plastic bottles of water but I hated the idea of using so many of them so I decided instead of wasting and buying water, I would buy a $20 Brita. You can get a pitcher and all you do is poor water in from the sink and it filters the water for you. If you get a Brita you will need cups of course. I normally use my hydro flask. I also have coffee cups for the Keurig and my Starbucks tumblrs for when I go there.

Smart TV

A computer is not the same as a tv. I love having a tv in my room. A 32 inch is the perfect size for my space.


If you want to be able to warm up left overs or any of the frozen meals.


I use mine for a speaker mostly.

Door decoration

Because I’m extra. Just don’t spend too much money because it could get stolen, mine did.

Trash can & trash bag

I could use a bigger trash can than just the typical room sized trash can because it doesn’t take long for it to overflow. Only takes 3 days for me.


Any extra organizers to put in your closet or under your desk. All I have is my shoe rack in my closet, a basket of random things that I need and what’s on my desk. I wish I had some drawer organizers to separate my clothing a little especially my underwear drawer so I can find my socks.


So you know what you look like. There will probably only be mirrors for your face. I hung my $10 mirror on the back of my door.

Coffee maker

I honestly haven’t used it but if you’re one that must have coffee daily and like to save money I would have one.


This isn’t an option. You must have one of these.


We have blackout curtains just not anymore because we gave up in trying to make them stay. They keep falling down so make sure you have something super sturdy. It’s hard because we can’t screw anything into the wall.


Something to dust with along with paper towels. You should be able to borrow a vacuum from downstairs.


To obviously eat with.


In case your clothes get wrinkled and this is much better than bringing a whole board because you won’t be able to fit it anywhere.

More tips

Get a room as soon as possible so that you can get the one you want. I suggest being at the end of the hall like I am because you hear nothing except for the rooms right next to you. Also look at the proximity to your major and basic classes. Be sure that it is close to where you will be and don’t forget about the eating. I’m in the same building as the biggest eating place on campus so all I have to do is go downstairs.

Get with your roommate and discuss what you are bringing and how you are going to decorate. It’s nice to get to know each other if you live close and if not then call them.

Go inside a model if you can and make measurements.

You must always have your Student ID and key with you at all times. I keep my ID in a card holder with my keys attached to it. I hang this on the door of my room so I never forget it.

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