100 Things I’m Thankful for


Happy Thanksgiving! Whether it’s with just you or your loved ones I hope you have a glorious day. I have my dads side of the family coming over at noon for a thanksgiving lunch and then it is just me and my mom for the rest of the weekend since my dad will be leaving for the deer lease later today. This will be my first Thanksgiving not going. I haven’t been all season because of a good reason. I have been attending confirmation class at my church every Sunday. I should be able to go towards the end of the season. I had some of my other family come to my house last Sunday and also got to be with another part of my family these past couple of days. It has been a very blessed Thanksgiving!

As it is Thanksgiving as well as coming close to 2020 I have decided to take the time and take notice of all the little things God has blessed me with so far in my life. I don’t mind if no one reads, because i know that this is a bit of bragging. I just hope to challenge you to do this same exercise of writing 100 things you are thankful for. 


  1. Lord and savior.
  2. My parents who have provided me with absolutely everything.
  3. Grandparents who I of course love dearly. All 6 of them.
  4. My overall very loving family.
  5. My more than beautiful dogs.
  6. Two of the best lambs that I’ve ever had in my show career.
  7. My friends who make me overjoyed.
  8. Electricity.
  9. Water.
  10. Heaters.
  11. Clothes that keep me warm.
  12. Hot showers.
  13. My health.
  14. Fantastic hospitals.
  15. Ability to see.
  16. Ability to hear.
  17. My high school.
  18. Very well education.
  19. Money for college.
  20. MacBook that has really helped me with media as well as school.
  21. My car.
  22. Podcasts that make you feel that you’re not alone, inspired, happy.
  23. Vlogmas being near,
  24. Instagram stories. Enjoy seeing glimpses of everyone’s day in real time.
  25. My baby Go With Grace.
  26. My motivation.
  27. Who I am as a person.
  28. How I live.
  29. My attitude.
  30. Able to chase my dreams.
  31. Opportunity to go through confirmation class.
  32. Being apart of Fort Worth Blogger Babes.
  33. Being apart of FFA and 4-H.
  34. My home being Texas.
  35. My home not being Dallas lol. My neighbors in Fort Worth know what I mean.
  36. Gossip Girl on Netflix.
  37. The Today show.
  38. The Thanksgiving day parade.
  39. The cheese board I’m about to have.
  40. Mom that is an excellent cook.
  41. Christmas in just 27 short days.
  42. Online shopping.
  43. Money to be able to spend on loved ones.
  44. Planes.
  45. Road trips.
  46. The sunrise and sunsets.
  47. Sound of the ocean.
  48. Rainy days inside.
  49. Sleep.
  50. Dreams.
  51. Laughter.
  52. Individuality.
  53. Meeting many new people.
  54. My happiness.
  55. Blue Bell ice cream.
  56. Having a H-E-B close by so we no longer have to go to Walmart.
  57. As well as a new Starbucks that’s close.
  58. Holidays where you surround yourself with the most important people in your life.
  59. Mistakes that have helped me grow.
  60. Each day is a new start.
  61. Waking up every morning.
  62. Mom being cancer free.
  63. Texas country music.
  64. Variety of music.
  65. Long weekends.
  66. Devine shops.
  67. Makeup.
  68. Nail polish.
  69. Earrings.
  70. Rompers.
  71. Dresses.
  72. A shower.
  73. Dishwasher, washer, and dryer that makes cleaning of objects easier.
  74. A microwave to warm up the left overs or to warm up something quickly after it getting cold.
  75. Refridgirator.
  76. Furniture.
  77. Satellite TV.
  78. Toilet.
  79. House in country.
  80. The deer lease.
  81. The lake.
  82. Summer.
  83. Living in blizard free state.
  84. Armed forces.
  85. First responders.
  86. America and its freedom.
  87. New Dickies Arena.
  88. Growth of Fort Worth and all cities around.
  89. Ability to do good in others lives.
  90. Books.
  91. Blankets.
  92. Hallmark movies.
  93. My memories to look back on.
  94. Certain smells.
  95. Pintrest.
  96. Snapchat.
  97. Meditation.
  98. Prayer.
  99. Self care.
  100. For you reading to this point!

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