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It may be “easier” to see men as balding and more commonly accepted and expected but when women begin to lose theirs, the psychological damage can be impactful and take a huge emotional toll that can not only affect their mental health but their physical health as well.

There have been several studies that have shown patients who experience hair loss suffer from body image issues and self-esteem which overall impacts their feeling of attractiveness and their social life as a whole. It’s completely understandable and normal to feel this huge shift occur and there are tips to help women who are going through this loss.

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There are many hair loss reasons as to why women lose their hair and each one can require various treatments.

It’s wise to call a dermatologist to help make the fact but basically, it’s based on a few factors including your pattern of hair loss and your medical history. Some reasons are not understood although they might be related to your genetics. 

Sometimes hair loss can be due to a combination of factors especially after 50, various diseases or conditions that could develop in women.

Menopause occurs in close to 50% of women who notice thinning of their hair and often worsens with this change.

Your hormones have been supporting your hair growth and when your estrogen dips, your hair also begins to change as well.

Other factors that could be an underlying medical condition that contribute to hair loss:

  • lupus
  • anemia
  • thyroid disease
  • diabetes

You also noticed some excessive hair shedding several months after a stressful or traumatic event such as a loss of a loved one or divorce.

An excessive weight loss is also a factor you might see but again, be sure to call a professional if this is a long-lasting occurrence.


As far as treatment goes for hair loss, there is only one approved over-the-counter medication that is approved by the FDA for female pattern hair loss. This is known as Rogaine. It’s a topical treatment that can help slow or stop hair loss in about one in four or five women and can help produce some new growth of fine hair in some women. However, this isn’t an overnight type of treatment. It can usually take about one year to see if the treatment is working for you and is a lifelong commitment. If you stop using it, your hair loss might begin again.


  1. Take biotin supplements to help with hair growth.
  2. Wash your hair regularly to keep your scalp clean and healthy.
  3. Massage coconut oil into your scalp.
  4. Avoid tight hairstyles that pull your hairline.


If men are experiencing hair loss, there are similar treatments such as what women use but there is another technique that is used as well. Based in Los Angeles, California, the founder of Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation is Jeff Villenas. He has been in the industry for more than 8 years and is an international trainer and award-winning scalp micropigmentation expert. He started as a barber and then launched his franchise in Chicago. Serving thousands of clients, he established his reputation as one of the most skilled specialists from coast to coast.  

Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation 

Scalp Micropigmentation offers immediate results for women and male clients and will instantly create the illusion of thicker hair, by camouflaging the affected areas of the scalp or bare patches. The staff are dedicated to supporting females to feel their most confident selves. While some people might be nervous about scalp scarring- the staff will work in the zones where hair loss has occurred using natural pigments at the dermal level ,including the sites where scarring is more prominent. Effective on even the most aggressive scarring or burning, SMP is a permanent solution to conceal the area. There are several reviews on Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation to check out if you are interested in hearing their great testimonies about scalp micropigmentation in California.

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