73 Questions with Mom

Since Mother’s Day is approaching I figured it was time to let my mom take over the blog by answering 73 questions about herself. I’m am pleased to introduce everyone to the women who has made me who I’ve become!! Blog, this is Laura my mom! Take it away!

  1. What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken? Dominican Republic

  2. Your next dream destination? Bahamas

  3. What would your perfect day consist of? Staying at home and relaxing

  4. Your favorite quote? “A scar simply means you are stronger than what tried to hurt you!”

  5. The biggest piece of advice you have? Hard work pays off, maybe not today but in the future.

  6. Favorite cake? Spice cake with Cream Cheese Icing

  7. Favorite ice cream? Cherry Vanilla

  8. Your favorite movie? 8 Seconds

  9. Favorite show? Greys Anatomy

  10. A shoe or bag gal? Bag!!!

  11. Dream car? I drive it! Cadillac XT5

  12. Your biggest accomplishment? Raising a caring and thoughtful daughter

  13. Favorite fashion brand? Boutique brands

  14. Largest splurge item? Car – Cadillac XT5

  15. Starbucks order? Grande Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte

  16. What’s your go to look? Casual Barn wear

  17. What’s your view right now? The most amazing backyard view sitting next to my daughter on the porch

  18. Your biggest pet peeve? Going slow in the left lane.

  19. What song could you listen to till the end of time? “What are you Listening too?” Chris Stapleton

  20. Your top 3 favorite genres of music? Texas Country, 90’s Hip Hop, Old School Country

  21. Your favorite artist? Right now Parker McCulloum but it’s hard to pick just 1.

  22. What’s one thing you love about yourself? My Tenacity

  23. One makeup item you can’t live without? Foundation

  24. Someone you look up to? I look up to so many but I have to say someone that inspires me is my Dad. His business sense and the way he loves his family.

  25. Heals, flats, or sneakers? Sneakers

  26. Sweet or savory? Sweet

  27. Window or isle seat? Window

  28. What’s your favorite piece of clothing item you own? My Calia Shorts

  29. What’s something you notice about a person when you first meet them? Smile

  30. What’s your favorite book you’ve ever read? Handmaids Tale

  31. What’s your career? Operations Manager for a manufacturing company

  32. Your favorite part of your career? Purchasing

  33. If you could raid one women’s closet who would it be? If I could fit into it I would raid my daughters. She has a great fashion sense.

  34. What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas

  35. What’s one thing you wish you would have known at age 19? Boys lie

  36. Besides phone and wallet, what are a few must have purse items? Money!

  37. What’s something you can’t do? Play guitar

  38. What’s something you can do well? Cook

  39. What other place do you wish to live? I wouldn’t change where I live.

  40. Your favorite restaurant? MK Sushi

  41. The biggest turning point in your life? Breast Cancer Diagnosis

  42. What are three words to describe living in the Fort Worth area? Relaxing, fun and convenient.

  43. Where were you born? Charleston, South Carolina

  44. Best childhood memory? 4-H Camp

  45. What’s a trend you wish that didn’t exist? Bell Bottoms

  46. What did you want to do with your live at age 12? Ag Teacher

  47. What do your days look like during the week? Work, work, sleep

  48. Your skin care ritual? Remove eye makeup and wash my face.

  49. How do you define beauty? Personality

  50. Summer or winter? Winter

  51. If you could switch lives for a day with someone who would it be? My dog

  52. What are you most excited about at this day and time? Being able to go out to eat again.

  53. How did you meet my dad? Bar called Cowboys in Arlington.

  54. Signature scent? Narsisco Rodriguez

  55. Your favorite thing about each of the dogs? Sissy’s sweetness, Hoss’s protectiveness and Lucy’s energy.

  56. What pets did you have growing up? Dogs, Horses, Chickens, a pig and a cat.

  57. What did you grow up doing? Showing Horses and on the Horse Judging Team.

  58. What’s one positive outlook you have on corona? Back to the basics.

  59. What’s your sign? Libra

  60. Your enneagram? 9 wing 8

  61. Favorite person to follow on Tik Tok? thefallont

  62. What’s like to have a daughter who is an influencer? Sometimes exhausting, having to take pics of EVERYTHING.

  63. What’s something you will miss about her showing lambs? Time we spend together on the road.

  64. Favorite bible verse? “She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

  65. Flying or driving, two states over? Driving

  66. Your most embarrassing moment? Long story but in High School I was biting my nails and some girl thought I was picking my nose and I am sure it was spread around school. Sad thing is it didn’t stop my nail biting.

  67. If you could change your first name what would you change it to? Lisa, not sure why just always wanted to be a Lisa.

  68. What’s your biggest fear? Disappointing my daughter.

  69. If you were President, what’s the first thing you would change in this country? Oh so many things…. but it would probably have to do with foreign aid.

  70. What’s your go to dish? BBQ chicken Legs

  71. What foreign language would you like to master and why? Spanish, because it’s Texas.

  72. Favorite kind of roller coaster? Not really sure, like them all.

  73. What’s your spirit animal? Dog

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