73 Questions With Dad


Happy Father’s Day to my very special dad and to all the other marvelous dads out there! Just like what I did with my mom for Mother’s Day, I have done with my dad for Father’s Day. I am pleased to introduce you all to the guy who has raised me to be who I am today. Blog, this is Rick my dad! Take it away!


1. Favorite piece of clothing? Hat

2. Favorite pair of shoes? Hey Dudes

3. Favorite brand? Hey Dude 

4. Cowboy hats or caps? Caps 

5. Tennis shoes or boots? Depends on the need.

6. Where do you shop? Academy

8. Hunting or fishing? Hunting

9. Favorite part about hunting? Being away from the big city 

10. Your dream kill? 160 + whitetail buck

11. Football or basketball? Football

12. What team? Cowboys

13. Which do you like more nascar or drag racing? Drag Racing

14. What do you drive? 2020 Chevy Silverado 

16. Your first vehicle? 1966 Chevy truck

17. Your dream car or truck? 41 whillys

18. Where do you work? Lockheed Martin/ Aeronautics 

19. What is it you do exactly? Install tail hooks mostly.

20. Where have you worked in the past? Auto mechanic and American Erocopter.

21. The biggest project you’ve ever had? Tail Hook Rig of Navy F35.

22. Your current project? Air Force tail hook install.

23. Most favorite color? Green

24. Your favorite meal? Breakfast 

  1. Your favorite meal that mom makes?

26. Your favorite kind of food? Mexican

27. Your favorite restaurant? Way to hard to pick. 

28. Favorite desert? Peach Cobbler

29. Your favorite kind of birthday cake? Marble  Nothing Bunt Cake

30. Favorite flavor of ice cream? Vanilla 

31. The first dog you had? Cowboy, pit bull.

32. Favorite thing about our President? Believes in preserving our constitution.

33. If you were President, what’s the first thing you would change in this country? Give seniors bigger tax breaks.

34. Your best childhood memory? Riding dirt bikes with Dad and Kristi my sister.

35. Where did you grow up? Arlington Mostly.

36. How is it being 50? Very Blessed!

37. All time favorite movie? American Graffiti 

39. Song that you can listen to on replay? Waylon Jennings, Rambling Man.

40. Your favorite artist? Waylon 

41. Greatest thing you have learned? Learn from my elders.

42. The biggest piece of advice you have? Do your best or don’t do it at all.

44. Dream travel destination? Alaska

45. What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken? Hawaii 

46. What collections do you have? Guns and knives.

47. A big pet peeve of yours? Cleanliness

48. Describe yourself in three words. Hard working Dad.

49. Favorite thing you like about yourself? Being a dad.

50. A quote that you love most? In Jesus name we pray amen.

51. Someone who you look up to? Dad

52. What does your perfect day consist of? Hanging out at home.

53. How do you like you coffee? Black

54. Largest splurge item? Travel Trailer 

55. Window or isle seat? Window

56. Sweet or savory? Savory

57. Favorite holiday? Christmas 

58. Favorite season? Autumn

59. Favorite kind of weather? Chilly

60. What’s something you notice about a person when you first meet them? If they are honest.

61. What’s your sign? Libra

62. Favorite bible verse? 1 Peter 4:8

63. What’s your biggest fear? Not being around for my kid.

64. Favorite thing to watch on Netflix? Better c

Call Saul.

65. What series are you currently watching? None.

66. Lake or beach? Lake

67. What’s your favorite time of the day? Coming home from work.

68. If you had a business what kind of business would it be? Auto customizing. 

69. Superpower you would want? Medical healing.

70. Best thing to happen to you all week or all day? Seeing my kid come home.

71. What’s your view right now? Tv

72. What’s the first thought you had this morning? What me and my girls were going to do.

73. What was the fourth thing on your to do list? Eat lunch

74. What’s your best memory of life? Holding my baby daughter for the first time

76. Who is the last person you texted? My sister, Traci.

  1. What’s your spirit animal? What’s a spirit animal?

78. Would you ever live anywhere else other than Texas? Maybe, but don’t have a reason to now.

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