What I Do to Work with My Lambs


Hello FFA and 4H people or even you guys that are just interested in hearing about my show lambs! For my first lamb post I will be presenting to you what I do to work my lambs. I show three southdowns. I am currently preparing Cody for State Fair. We have worked harder than ever with him. I have not skipped a day. I have much hope that he will do better than any of my lambs have done in the past at Dallas. But I have not forgotten the others! Cleto and Louie are also working on showing in the ring, just not working them out yet.

To start with, I go outside at 7:30pm and get done just when it is getting dark which is around 8:30. I like to put two lambs on the stand and work with the other. I take turns working on setting them up and walking. It depends on what lamb I am working as to what I do with them. My State Fair lamb Cody and I are working out to get him more muscle and then working on setting up to get ready for the big show. To work on his muscle I put him on the treadmill backwards for 3 minutes then take a break for 2 minutes and go again for 3 more minutes. Every other day he is on treadmill. The other days he is running. Two days a week we go to a friends house who has a stellar track and dog. She also works with me on my showmanship technique. It is well worth the drive and time it takes us to learn such great information. The times we run at home we go in the round pen and chase him with the hot shot for 10 minutes.  We did try something new yesterday and we went to the corner of the backyard and had Cody run back to his pen and it seemed to work perfectly. I love doing it, because you have walking practice going back and forth and he also has the short burst of running. The other two we aren’t too worried about working out. Cleto is the one that needs most help with setting up and walking. With all the lambs mom walks behind them with hot shot to keep them prancing. Louie walks and stands perfectly, but could still use practice with bracing. With bracing I put them and I on the stand setting up and they start pushing, because they know there’s an edge. My next post will be all about showmanship. After all is done they all go back into pen, I feed them, and get them new CLEAN water, as well as alfalfa every other night.

Thank you with all my heart for reading to this point. I really enjoy advocating and sharing what I love. I understand there aren’t many pictures to show you what i’m talking about and I probably missed plenty of information. There is without a doubt a lot that goes with showing. I am still learning everyday. So if you have any questions PLEASE contact me below here or through Instagram @gowithgraceblog. All questions about showing are appreciated.

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