50 Things I Am Thankful For


Today I thought it would be a good idea to share what I am thankful for. Last year I did a post just like this so here I am doing it again. This is mostly for me although I do think all of us should, not just thanksgiving but regularly, think about the many things we are grateful for instead of thinking about what we don’t have. Especially this day and time. ¬†Even if it is anything such as; food, electricity or water access it is still something to be thankful for. You have to remember that some don’t have that kind of luxury. So I hope you take time to do the same thing as I have done. I hope you all had a very blessed thanksgiving rather if it was with family or not. God bless each of you and happy thanksgiving!


  1. The Lord
  2. Mom and dad who do everything for me
  3. My whole family that I love beyond words
  4. Jaydon who makes me the happiest girl in the world
  5. Sissy, Hoss and Lucy
  6. My friends who have stuck with me
  7. My happiness
  8. Each day I wake up
  9. Roof over my head
  10. Water
  11. Electricity
  12. Ability to hear
  13. Ability to see
  14. Our military
  15. My country
  16. President Trump
  17. New opportunities
  18. A bright future ahead
  19. New chapters
  20. Christmas starting
  21. Three more weeks of 1st semester
  22. School from home
  23. I and my loved ones health
  24. First responders
  25. Church opened
  26. Church’s staying church’s
  27. Able to show lambs
  28. Most lamb shows still happening
  29. Good looking lambs
  30. The place I live
  31. Shopping
  32. New lake house
  33. Netflix
  34. Ice cream
  35. Long weekends
  36. Prayer
  37. Beautiful deer in the backyard
  38. Gets dark early
  39. Rain
  40. Still hot out
  41. Laughter
  42. Hot showers
  43. Sleep
  44. Technology
  45. Good music
  46. Podcasts
  47. My followers that have stayed my followers
  48. The blogger community
  49. My creativity (at least I think so)
  50. All of Gods creations

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