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Happy New Year! I don’t think I have ever been this excited to start a new chapter. Each year only seems to be more and more exhilarating. I am big on setting resolutions. I buy that everyone should have a game plan going into the new year. I would be blind if I had nothing to strive towards. It is not only necessary to have goals in mind but to also have a vision. My vision board is hanging where I can see it each and everyday to remind myself of what I’m working towards. I can say it has made quite a difference as well.

Grow as a child of Jesus Christ

This month I went through confirmation which is a class in the Methodist church that declares our faith in Christ in which we are strengthened by the Holy Spirit for continuing as a disciple. Ultimately I have been confirmed into the United Methodist Church. I am fortunate to have many amazing christian mentors that I look up to. I hope to be a light to everyone I come across as well as be in a closer relationship with my father.

Receive an acceptance letter to Texas Tech

Ever since I could walk I have wanted to go to Texas Tech and since TTU is a big agricultural school and I’m in FFA it all makes since. I can’t imagine myself going anywhere else. In order to accomplish this goal I will need to study like I never have before to raise my SAT score. Other than that i am fully confident with everything else.

Reach at least 5,000 followers on Instagram

I continue to love this blog and Instagram more and more everyday. I don’t see me stopping at anytime in the future. I am sticking with the same techniques yet using those techniques more frequently because I do believe I am doing all the right things in order to acquire much growth.

At last I would like to simply continue to grow as a person. I am always working on improving myself to be the best Morgan I can be.┬áLet’s all kill it in 2020! We would all love to hear about your 2020 resolutions. Go ahead and comment below. Thank you for taking the time today to view my resolutions and vision board for 2020. God bless you all!


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