17 Things I’ve Learned in 17 Years

I am officially 17!! Feeling very blessed to see another year. I have so much to look forward to at age 17. Today has already been so special.  I have loved hearing from everyone that I haven’t talked to in a long time.  It was just all the little things throughout the day that made it that much better. Everyone has been asking about my plans, tonight I will go to one of my favorite burger joints, Grumps on the way to visit a lady who helps me with my lambs. Then Saturday I will be spending the day with my friends at Top Golf and around the town as well as a sleepover. Lastly Sunday I will have dinner at Babes with my family.  I have came up with 17 lessons I have learned in my 17 years.  Each week I will go into more detail on each lesson.  Now onto what you are here for. Cheers to year 17!


Being Your True Self is Important

Comparison Is a Thief of Joy

I’m Not Athletic At All

I’m Both a City and Country Girl

God Is Good All The Time

Family Is Top Notch

People Are Actually Nice

Less Is Better

Quality Over Quantity

Don’t Wait Instead Go For It

Small Steps Each Day Adds Up To Great Success 

I’m a youtube Natural Although Blogging Is More My Speed

Try New Things In Order To Improve Your Life

Do Not Buy Unless You Absolutely Know You Need It

Trust The Process

Be Kind No Matter The Circumstance

Take Delight  In Everyday


Thank you for visiting and for all the birthday wishes all of you have so freely given to me today! I will see you all next week explaining more on about why it is so important to be yourself.

xx Morgan Grace

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