17 Lessons Series: Being Your True Self is Important

Today I am kicking off a series relating to last weeks post “17 Things I’ve Learned In 17 Years”. Over the next 17 weeks I will be expanding upon those 17 things I have learned. (I decided to not continue the series as I see it isn’t necessary to write a whole drawn out post for each of the points. I rather move on to other exciting posts that you will all love even more) Now back to where we were. You constantly hear quotations along the lines of “be yourself”. The reason why you see this so often is because it is the absolute greatest advice out there. I know when anyone gives me advice about anything, most of the time “be yourself” is mentioned. Let’s begin by simply talking about the biggest thing I have learned.

I’m here to tell you all that it is beyond okay to be different than others around you. I have never been like the girls my age. It is dope how different God made us all. There are so many things that set us apart from one another. But really Imagine how boring life would be if everyone was the exact same. Doesn’t that sound lame. Live who God put you on this earth to be. Life is so much easier and enjoyable just by being yourself.

Ways I Have Become My True Self

By Being Quiet

Most people don’t know themselves because any sort of silence scares them. You have to take time to be still. It isn’t until you are alone and evaluate yourself that you are completely truthful with yourself.

Finding My Strengths and Weaknesses

This might be the most difficult step. It takes trial and error to find your strengths. Don’t give up before you’ve had more than enough attempts. Quit when you’ve put in sufficient amount of time and your efforts aren’t giving back in return. When you quit correctly, it isn’t giving up, it’s making room for something better.

Finding What I’m Passionate About

Pay attention when passion comes because it indicates an area of your life that you need to give more attention. Any passion you follow is a good thing. Understand yourself in better ways, and you’ll make a bigger impact.

Listening To The Positive Things People Have to Say About Me

If you don’t know yourself, hearing what others have to say about you is powerful. We can all use a feeling of validation and sense that we are doing good in the world.

Taking The Enneagram Quiz

If you don’t know much about enneagrams I suggest you search it, because there is a lot to explain when it comes to the subject. An enneagram tells a lot about yourself. I am a 3 wing 2 and I have never understood myself more. 


When you find your true self you find a sense of mental and physical lightness, feel more centered, safe, knowing life has meaning, bliss in everyday activity, lessening of negative emotions, increase in moments of insight, feeling of more love, kindness, and empathy, lastly you desire to serve rather than live only for yourself.


Thank you all dearly for reading the first post apart of my new series as well as being so patient with me. I will be posting the second one right after this since this post is late. I love every last one of you and hope that you are all doing well, if not I’m just a click away over on Instagram @gowithgrace.



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