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Here lately a big amount of us have been selling our houses and moving elsewhere. It’s insane how much the realtor market has skyrocketed in the past few moments. It is the highest it has been in a whole century due to the pandemic. I will also be moving here soon to Lubbock so today I have provided you with the steps to take when moving and some tips on ways to make your move free of stress. I know it can be a lot so let me help you out a little with your move and make it more exciting because it should be an exciting time.

Hire a moving company

The first step is to hire a moving company. You can never hire too early just in case they’re booked because let me tell you they probably are due to a lot of people moving. I have the perfect moving company for you to call up in the Houston area. The company is Gameday Moving Services Houston. This Houston long-distance moving company is the most trusted and experienced moving service in the area. Gameday Moving Services Houston can help you make your move ten times easier than doing it all by yourself. Hiring a company like them is the best route to take when making your move stress-free. Call them today (713) 528-8503 or click on the link to their website that’s below to hear more.

Do some Marie Kondo Magic

Have you heard of Marie Kondo? If you don’t know what I mean by Marie Kondo then let me explain. She has a tv show on Netflix where she goes to people’s houses to help families get rid of their belongings. So first go through your closet and look through your clothes. Some clothes you may have to try on but some you should immediately just know. Make a pile of clothes that you don’t want to keep and clothes that you do want to keep. As yourself these simple questions. Ask does this make me happy? If it doesn’t it’s gone. That’s the one question Marie Kondo asks. When was the last time I wore this? If the answer is more than three months then I wouldn’t keep it depending on what season it is. I sometimes also ask myself if I can imagine wearing it sometime soon. Next, go through all the other areas of your house and simply ask if it makes you happy because that’s all that matters. Check expiration dates and what’s broken. Donate to a local charity or goodwill. I like to put my nicer and newer clothes on postmark to sell. Some of you know how much I like that app. It’s best to do a clean-out at least a month before you move. The less you bring with you the better.


It is now time to pack all of what you kept. Go to Target or wherever you go to get colored stickers, trash bags and rubber bands. Why do I say those things? Get colored stickers so you can print out your floor plan to mark what color goes to which room so you won’t have to write what box belongs to what room on every single box. All you have to use are colored stickers to correspond with what color you marked on the paper. Get the trash bags and rubber bands for your hanging clothes so that you won’t have you wrinkle them up in a box. Divide the clothes up and tie a rubber band around each 15 and put a trash bag over them. When labeling label the side of boxes and not the top because you can’t see the label when the boxes are stacked. Have box of things you need that first night like things you would pack in your suitcase and everything for your bed because you’re going to want to rest at the end of that long day. One more thing, have Amazon ship everything you order to the new house so it doesn’t get lost in your other things.


The deep cleaning comes last after you have put everything up in a box. Here’s a cleaning checklist for you; remove nails, dust ceiling fans, clean windows and sills, clean door and knobs, clean switches and outlets, baseboards, dust walls and ceilings, vacuum and clean carpets, bathroom mirrors, countertops, showers, and toilets, inside and outside of cabinets, clean hard surface floors, kitchen countertops, and sinks, kitchen appliances, dust light fixtures, wash all linens and freshen all rooms with room spray. Wow! As much as I love cleaning that part is certainly not my favorite part.

Thank you for reading today and making it to the end. I hope this post did its job to help you make your move a bit easier. If you’re moving happy moving and congratulations on your new chapter.

xxxx – Morgan Grace

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