Lamb Housing Tour


I hope that each of you are doing well and continuing to stay safe. Today I wanted to share my lamb facility that I have worked on during this past weekend. I and my parents painted the barn Saturday and on Sunday I did a deep clean of the inside of the barn so what better time than now to show the whole set up just as it is ready for the new show season. I do still need to run a rake inside the pen so please pardon the slight mess. Also the larger equipment is inside the much bigger barn which is really the shop. This is all nothing glamorous. I just have the notion that this post will be helpful for some of you who are wanting or are already showing livestock. Also there are people who are curious to see where my lambs live. As always please contact me on here or though @themorgangracee on instagram with anything you have to say or ask. Without further delay here is the tour!!


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